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"A Pat On the Back"





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(Photo by Tom Caroll)

(Photo by Charles Fyer)


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The human hand is so amazing and we tend to take it for granted.

The hand is so very personal to the core of human life and learning, and it is our instrument for specialized training and skills.

Hands are our tools of life and survival, from cradle to grave.

There is a direct connection from our hands to our hearts and minds.

An artist or craftsperson making something by hand leaves the mark of her hand on the piece and some of her spirit within it.

A woman leaves the feel of her hands on her family and friends.

A woman works, nurturers, and comforts with her hands.

We must use them wisely, maybe a pat on the back for those you know and love…and for yourself too!

handbag         hand bill          hand buoy       hand craft
handiness       handful            handhold         hand in hand
handiwork      handkerchief    hand language hand me down
hand made     hand maid       hand-out         hand over fist
hands down    hand shake      hand stand      hand to mouth
hand woven    hand writing    handy man      handy

the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world
handle it!

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