Women's Journeys in Fiber - Time: Space, Motion, Illusion

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Gretchen Alexander Cynthia Boudreau Shelley Brucar Penny Burns

Process & Development


Kathy Downie Nona C. Flores Janette R. Gerber Cindy Heineman
  Debby Henning Candace Hoffmann Alice Jenks Donna Koranek
  Mary Krebs Smyth Kay Lange Joy Nebo Lavrencik Natasha Lehrer Lewis
  Jeanne Reed Julia Rivera Valerie Rodelli Barbara Schneider
  Sally Schoch Joy Siragusa Linda Sorkin Eisenberg Ellen Wright
  Elizabeth Dorn Zwiener      

Problem - Create a two or three dimensional work inspired by the concept of time using any textile technique or techniques.

Process & Development - Research time, keep a sketchbook/journal, recording your creative process and inspiration. What does time mean to you? Photo document your work along the way.

Each artist will write a statement describing your inspiration ad process which will be exhibited alongside your work.


November 2-4, 2018, Chicago Botanic Garden. Opening, Thursday, November 1, 6:30-9pm.

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