Cindy Kuo
"After the Rain"





Garment Pictures

(Photos by Beth Wodnick)

Suburban Fine Arts Center Exhibit Pictures - 2 - 12 July, 2005

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Yarns. Threads. Fabric. Silk. Wool. Cotton. Dyes. Paint. Beads. These, and many more, are all part of the fiber artist’s garden. Throw those in with lots of “colour” and inspiration mixed with a few memories and you have an endless array of art pieces to create. I grew up in Australia where colours are vivid. My love of these colours influences everything I do, whether it be creating a garment to wear, something to hang on my wall or even decorating my house. These vivid colours make me smile with contentment.

My knitted jacket shows some of the vivid Australian colours of the outback. After a heavy rainstorm, the desert becomes alive with flowers, such as my favourite: the Sturt Desert Pea. It is hard to imagine that from something so harsh, comes something so beautiful.

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The Sturt Desert Pea - a flower found in the outback of Australia, is one of my favourite flowers with it's bright red petals and a black "pea".  My mind immediately went to this wonderful flower that blooms in the desert, after the rain, and I knew that I wanted to use it in my garment.

After designing the idea of the garment, I took 100% cotton yarn and knitted it up on the knitting machine - using Stockinette stitch.

Front & Back of Jacket Sleeves of Jacket

As I wanted to make sure that I achieved a blending of the colours for the horizon, I painted the yardage using Procion MX dyes with the desert and the sky.

After letting the dyes cure, rinsing and washing them, I unraveled the yarn into balls.  I then hand knit the garment, using seed stitch for the "desert" and stockinette stitch for the "sky".


The "Sturt Desert Peas" are made using black wooden beads for the "pea" and ultra-suede for the flower.

Working with the Shawl collar was my greatest challenge as I have never done one before.

As with any process work, there is always a lot of learning to do & achieved.  I have had a wonderful time working through this process and hopefully will be able to participate in future projects.


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