Marcia Lee Hartnell


During my high school I studied architecture and went on to study architecture at the University of Illinois in Chicago.  I then transferred to Southern Illinois University where I earned a degree in Design.  After two years in Brazil as a Peace Corps volunteer, I returned to Chicago and taught primary grades, and then earned a degree in school administration.  After retirement and years of sewing garments I was introduced to the world of quilting.  The variety of techniques, endless patterns, and combinations of fabrics and media keep my creative nature engaged.

I am a member of the North Suburban NeedleArts Guild and Women’s Journeys in Fiber in Illinois and Rumpled Quilts Kin Guild in Interlochen, Michigan.  I have exhibited at the Fine Art of Fiber at the Chicago Botanic Garden, Patchwork in the Pines Quilt show, the Fiber Festival in Leland Michigan, and the Northwestern Michigan Fair in Traverse City Michigan.





Circles & Cycles


Blooming Botanicals







10 Easy Pieces






Footwear Paradigm Shifts



Birds Boxes Time Pathways

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