Barbara Schneider

Artist statement
My on-going interest in the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi, finding beauty in things that are imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete is at the core of all of my art work. I like to try and capture the essence of images made of light and movement, images that are infinitely variable. What does the eye see? What does the camera see? What does the mind see?  My Reflections series explores the concept of reflection and how to capture the essence of images that are not physically there, images made of light and movement, images that change.  My Leaves series is an exploration and interpretation of natural images by enlarging and reshaping them. I collect leaves, pods, flowers, grasses and look closely at their structure and shape. In particular, I like to collect these natural objects at the end of summer when they have begun to wither and fragment. Looking at them closely and then enlarging them allows me to see them as sculptural objects. I look at the play of light upon surfaces, and shaping the pieces introduces a new element – light and shadow interacting with the undulating surfaces.

Reflection continues to be my theme. It is what I do throughout my work process as well as what I hope viewers do as they look at the completed work.

I began quilting in 1996 and rediscovered the pleasure of working with cloth, paint, dye, and thread. My background is in visual design and I worked for many years as a designer in the publishing industry. I take lots of photos of found objects, nature, shadows and tactile details. These as well as my underlying interest in the Japanese concept of Wabi-Sabi have had a strong influence on the direction of my work.  I have an extensive background in surface design and teach as well as exhibit my work nationally and internationally. My artwork is in both private and public collections.






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